Rural climathons – transitioning to net zero


A climathon brings people living in rural communities together to discuss and deliberate topics that can sometimes be contentious and polarising. Our events in Gloucestershire will create spaces for dialogue on net zero in the context of agri-food, renewable energy, or housing. Developed in collaboration with local actors, each climathon will consist of several phases: an introductory webinar, a day-long workshop including outdoor activities and discussions on key net zero issues for the local area, and a final webinar in which the outputs are shared and goals for future activities consolidated.

This research builds on climathons in livestock farming communities in Cumbria and Cornwall, organised by the CCRI and supported by the British Academy

Farm of the Future Climathon

What might a climate resilient farm look like?

This took place in early February and, in collaboration with partner Strutt and Parker, brought together farmers, residents, local non-governmental organisations and other key stakeholders to develop locally relevant solutions for climate resilient farms. It used a farm on the Gloucestershire-Warwickshire border as an example. It consisted of an introductory webinar on day one and an in-person workshop on day two at Blackwell Village Hall. Find out more in our blog Empowering rural communities on climate action and illustration below. Also see Strutt and Parker's piece Climathon event can unlock new ideas for farms and estates.

Cotswold Climathon

How can food, farming and land use help achieve net zero?

This took place in late September 2023 and saw local councillors and employees of non-governmental organisations and universities in Gloucestershire come together for two days of collaboration, deliberation and creative thinking. Project ideas for tackling the climate crisis through food, farming and land use in the Cotswolds were developed – read our report which summarises the outputs and see the video and illustration.



Rural climathon playbook: lessons from adapting the climathon method to vision food and farming net zero futures in rural communities.