Northumberland Communities Together

Uniting for change

Northumberland Communities Together (NCT) was formed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Its main objective was to ensure residents’ safety and well-being throughout the crisis. The initiative focused on providing support for individual volunteers, voluntary groups, and local communities across the county. After Covid, the team has only grown stronger.

NCT and the Breamish Hall in Powburn worked closely together to launch a joint venture to engage with the local community. Their first step was attending a planned lunch club event, where they had the opportunity to introduce the residents to the Household Support Fund, which aims to assist Northumberland vulnerable residents who require support with essential needs such as food, fuel, or water.

It continues to support residents in a variety of ways, addressing social isolation, inequalities, and current cost of living crisis through secured Government funding. It has also opened several Community hubs across Northumberland which offer support, advice, and activities while working closely with adult social care in an effort to provide residents with choice, support and control, over all aspects of their wellbeing. 

The Holiday activities and food Programme (HAF) has supported children throughout the county to access meaningful activities with a wide range of choices.  

Julie Leddy, of Northumberland County Council, explains more: 

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Julie Leddy (Operational Lead) Northumberland Communities Together