Little Clifton Village Hall

Giving back to the community and to nature

Fiona Heslam became the chair of trustees at Little Clifton Village Hall after becoming involved in climate activity with the local Parish Council. When a new coal mine was proposed for the local area, taking a greener approach to upgrading the village hall felt vital. Drawing on her knowledge and past experiences around green energy, and funded by the Community Spaces Partnership, Fiona put some of her ideas forward to the trustees, who set about: 

  • Having solar panels and batteries installed
  • Procuring sheep wool insulation for the roof
  • Laying the groundwork for replacing the gas boiler with a heat pump with heating and air conditioning capability
  • Researching the options for creating a community energy hub for the local area

Fiona Heslam, Chair of Little Clifton Village Hall, explains more: 

Fiona said:

“With things like a large grant, [it’s about] that recognition that your community is worth spending money on […] There are knock-on benefits of not looking at it as ‘that’s what we’ve done now’ but ‘what can we do next’.”

How ACTion with Communities in Cumbria helped

ACTion with Communities in Cumbria (ACT) helped to prepare the hall for funding by advising on forms, policies, governance and compliance. ACT connected the trustees of Little Clifton Village Hall with legal advice and helped to develop their confidence to manage this and future projects.