The Farm Carbon Toolkit


The Farm Carbon Toolkit (FCT) was created by farmers for farmers. For over a decade, it has worked to further the understanding of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, providing tools and services to measure impact and projects that inspire real action on the ground.

FCT is a Community Interest not for profit Company dedicated to supporting the agricultural industry to play its best part in meeting the dual challenges of reversing the decline in nature whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the worst impacts of climate change.

It has a team of 17 agricultural advisors, software experts and scientists, all dedicated to enabling the agriculture and food sectors to meet all the challenges which climate change is bringing.

CEO of the Farm Carbon Toolkit,

Liz Bowles, explains:

Our offer

Our Carbon Calculator is free for farmers to use alongside our online toolkit which provides information on how best to reduce farm business greenhouse gas emissions and build on farm carbon stores. Our calculator also enables users to calculate the impact of practice changes on annual emissions (scenario planning) alongside benchmarking performance with other similar businesses.

We provide advice to individual businesses/ estates and supply chains to enable them to baseline their carbon footprint and develop/ implement emissions reductions plans to enable then to reach net zero.

We implement project activity with partners including Duchy College, Innovation for Agriculture, Royal Countryside Fund and others to support farmers to take action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build on farm carbon stores. Activities include workshops, farm walks, on farm research, demonstration farms etc.


We also run two competitions for farmers:

  • Soil Farmer of the Year – started in 2015
  • Carbon Farmer of the Year – started in 2023

These competitions aim to increase awareness amongst farmers of the importance of soil health and how to improve soils on farm and, in the case of the carbon farmer competition, to raise awareness of all the ways in which farmers can reduce GHG emissions and build on farm carbon storage.

Liz says:

"Farm Carbon Toolkit and its farm carbon calculator is trusted by thousands of farmers to support their journey to net zero."

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